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Welcome to Pro sweep, Denver's affordable chimney repair and chimney sweep service.
Are you missing your fireplace damper? Is it inoperable? Is it 80-100 yrs old and there are no replacement parts available?
This is no longer an issue, at Pro sweep we can manufacture a brand new one for most any fireplace!
Made of solid, high grade steel, and made specifically for your individual fireplace.
We cut, shape, and weld a complete replacement functional damper in ONE to 2 day's!
We also offer a lifetime guarentee!
This is a unique and specialized service you will find nowhere else, but at Pro sweep,...
The chimney repair innovators.
A missing or stuck damper will allow the forced hot air from your furnace to escape right up the chimney.
Save $$$ by sealing off the fireplace, and prevent cold air from drafting into your home! (which turns on your heater!)
Call for a free estimate before it gets cold!
In these tough economic times, when everyone is dramatically raising prices, we have the flexability to lower ours to better serve our valued customers.
We keep our overhead low which translates into big savings for you.
Who can offer all of this??
Sweeps are allways a solid flat rate price, example......other companies employ a chimney sweep "bait price"...., upsell the sweep because you have a 2nd story, Get this....some charge $50 per every 6ft of chimney! Most chimney's are 35-40 ft tall! Thats incredible. Can you see yourself "actually" paying that much??!?!?
Not to mention the trip charges, etc, you will have to endure.
Due to the never ending rise in fuel costs, we utilize small, extremely efficient vehicles to run the in city sweep routes, they average 49-56 mpg!!!
Therefore, we are "greener" and NEVER have to charge you with a trip charge inside the massive area's we cover.
We also have service (repair) vans for the city, and 4x4 suv's (repair & sweeps) for the mountain communities.
Chimney sweep special, $60 cash. (Per fireplace) sorry, checks on this special. (to get the cash special) no suprise charges, no baiting or upsell. Try to find this deal anywhere with NO trip charges or upsell.
No upcharging for multi level homes, or on wood stoves/inserts. (applies to light disassembly, not for major.)
If its 2, 3, or even 4 stories........its still $60 cash.
Please take some time to read our whole ad, and see what pro-sweep will NOT do to you.
I believe, if we provide an affordable rate, great customer service, and a quality, thorough
job, customers will call me back, and they do.
My customers will not feel pressured, or afraid to call me back. If they had a good exp. with my company,
i believe that is all i need to have repeat customers.
We dont apply a trip charge to everyone we provide a service to,..
We dont arrive and pressure you with needless up-selling,..
We dont try to push you into a 3 yr contract,...
We dont show up for a sweep, then tell you,...OMG you need everything fixed! (see up-sell/bait)
We dont give one price, then suddenly it goes up, (unless you request extra or other services)
We do the job we were hired for, and only advise if there are safety issues.
*This is the Pro sweep promise..............
*Labor rates have been reduced.*
*Flat rate pricing.
*No up selling.
*No pressure sales.
*No labor padding.
*NO TRIP CHARGES!! IN OUR AREA!! (Which is huge!)
*No undisclosed charges.
*8 vehicles to serve you.
*Salary only employees.
*Same day/next day service!
*Quality work at a very reasonable price!
*Open 7 days a week!
Our services include;
****NEW!! CUSTOM DAMPER FABRICATION. For missing or damaged dampers.
Chimney/fireplace restoration
Damage assessments
Trouble shooting
Mortar repair
Cement crowns
Brick resets
Caps, dampers, flues inspections and more!
We can also work on the inside of the house, as well as out. Garages too!
I encourage you to get a few estimates, then call Pro will like what you hear.
Our extensive service erea covers but is not limited to