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The Place for Bollywood Fashion from India With a vast variety of artwork and texture, the beauty, elegance and richness of Indian garments are truly boundless. From casual western-style blouses to completely exclusive saree ( sari ) dresses and salwaars, we can fashion an outfit for any look or occasion. ****---------------***-------------**-----------*----------- Schedule a visit to our store. We have hundreds of beautiful items to choose from for women, men and children. My products are imported from India on a 3 month cycle and carefully selected from India's most reputable fashion designers. Tailoring is available for saree blouse, salwar-kameez, lenghas, shawls and menswear, for all sizes. We also have tons of authentic accessories that can only be found in India. So call or email me, Savi, if you have any questions or would like to see our diverse collection. :) India Fashion Xpress- xxxx0 E Cornell Ave, Aurora CO xxxx4 p: 303.699.xxxx