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The xxxx Triumph Bonneville had a bit of a watershed year. While the slow march of progress continued, 2 major improvement were made: Amal Concentric carburetors replaced the Amal Monoblocs; and a new 8" TLS (Twin Leading Shoe) front brake replaced the age-old SLS (single leading shoe) unit. But xxxx also marked the beginning of a very brief window when the Triumph Bonneville was in it's 'sweet spot', widely considered to run from xxxx through xxxx. The 'Bonnie' had truly reached its zenith, and at a time when its performance was considered world-class. This was, of course, just before the arrival of the game-changing Honda 750, the bike that reset the world's opinion of what "performance" was. And in this new 4-cylinder OHC paradigm, the ancient pushrod twin just couldn't keep up. Model designations were as before, T120R was the road version & T120C was the off-road/street scrambler (ala enduro). Absent, however, was the race-ready TT Special, the model was dropped entirely for the xxxx model year.